Somba review 2018

From Passion to business - from broken to lifedancing

In December 2017, I had to go from half-time back to full time, working in an office job, which I hated and which had driven me sick two years earlier. After 10 months of sickness, I had a vision of a shamanic healing ritual, which I recognised as my life vision. Having been a well known belly dancer and teacher for over 25 years in Belgium, I thought that everybody would love the new method of “Healing through movement” , which I created out of this vision. In the hope to quickly build a business out of this, I got back to my job half-time. But after 2 years of complete struggle, I had to admit: nobody wanted it and I felt like nothing, thinking, that instead of a vision, it was an illusion, that I was to old, that I did not even have a diploma and that online marketing, and all the courses I bought and followed, where just a big scam. But there was still a little voice inside, that pushed me to not give up. I had been following Kathrin Hill, having this huge success on Facebook and she said it was thanks to Sigrun. So finally, I followed the 12 Masterclasses between Christmas and 6th January 2018. I remember, we were on Family holiday in Spain, and I watched them in my bed, when everybody was sleeping. I was so impressed and above all, Sigrun’s energy, clarity, warmth of heart, gave me my hope back. 


And on 11th January, I pushed the button “Join here” - saying to myself: “If Sigrun does not make it to help you, nobody will”. I did not even tell anybody, that I joined, because I was so afraid of failure and disappointing people around me, who had seen me struggle, and who told me to stop my stupid dreams….
I did the Passion-o-thon, which confirmed 100% my life mission, gave me clarity and my super enthusiasm back. Through the 7 stages, I understood the errors I had made and I wished I had clicked on this button “Join here” 1 year earlier, when it first appeared under my nose and I did not want to invest. 
In March, Sigrun gave a Masterclass to teach onboarding calls and I go my first paying client of 590€ for a 2 months coaching programm!!!! Can you imagine, how I felt, only 2 months after having joined Somba? 1 month later, I got on the hotseat and told Sigrun, that my employer forbit to earn any money aside and that I was devastated. She asked me “what does your gut tell you?” I said “Leave my job”. This day, I registered in my employers system as a draft a request of me leaving my job on 1st of September, not believing this at all.

Sombasummerschool - my first online course

In July, I participated in the Summerschool “The magic to be a woman” during my holiday in Corsica. From my camping chair, I teached my modules! :-O I had 54 woman in the groupe. This was such a magic experience, I will never forget it! I got over 20 testimonials and had tears in my eyes, each time I interviewed a participant. 

Me being overhappy to close the door after 30 year!è

Finally Freedom!

Mid August, the law of attraction got me: I received an email from my employer, not allowing me to have any “external” activity at all . I stood there , looking outside the window, I phoned my boss and I said: on 1st of September, I am out of here.” And so I did. I joined Somba Momentum, out of deep trust and thankfulness to Sigrun. I wanted to let everybody know about how I got my life back thanks to Somba. I did my first affiliate launch in September, met all my wonderful Sombasisters in Zurich after that and did my first launch in October and had 500 people in my challenge, 43 in the webinar. 8 bought my first paid online “Winterschool” for 197€.

Again, I got wonderful testimonials and I knew for good, that my method could deeply change lives.


But in December Sigrun told us , we should all aim to earn 10K in one month! :-O . On a hot seat, where I said, that nobody would ever invest so much money in dance, body work and connection to the sacred feminin, Sigrun said, that I had to look at what other woman working on this field are charging. I did ! Feeling totally sick about it, I put a coaching package of 2500€ on my website, as I had promised, and sent an email hiding it well, being so afraid of what people would think about me . Of course I did not make it to 10K. But putting this price on my page, changed something inside. One night at the end of the year, I woke up, and knew, what I had to change, so I could stand behind this price. And some days ago, I presented this offer to a future client. She has not bought it yet, but if it’s not her the next one will. And next week start my new dance class: a cycle with highly motivated and committed woman, who paid upfront a package of 2 months class “The power the feminin with the wisdom of Oriental dance”

I learned how to trust and take care of my vision, my mission and myself. What a difference between today and January 2018! Without Sigrun, my buddies and this wonderful Sombacommunity, this would never have happened and the treasure, I now offer to the world, would have died and been buried together with my crying soul. I still have to learn so much, it’s the most challenging job I every had, it’s a lot of work, it drives me mad at times, but things are getting easier and I enjoy every day of my freedom, finally standing behind the steering wheel of my life and taking over the responsibility.

This is what I also wish for you, whatever path is yours.

And I can never express all my greatfullness to Sigrun and her team. <3